What is Toolbox+?

The Toolbox+ is a national community of practice to increase the knowledge and organizational capacity to create affordable housing.

To improve pre-development processes, Cahdco created the Affordable Housing Development Toolbox+, also called Toolbox+. It is a two-tiered program to coach and mentor housing organizations to increase their development knowledge and capacity.

Cahdco’s Toolbox+ is our way of sharing our knowledge and expertise through a series of learning, coaching, and mentorship modules with groups across the country. The modules are taught in various ways including webinar lectures, peer-to-peer learning sessions, storytelling, and activity-based learning. Toolbox+ is currently comprised of two programs, the Blueprints Program and the Foundations Program.

All participants are paired with a mentor organization with housing development experience to answer development-specific questions beyond the program’s teaching. Both programs have an objective to create a network of peers that spans across Canada for participants to connect with and reach out to with questions and to provide support. An online platform is used to create and encourage opportunities for social interaction and engagement.

What is the Blueprints Program?

The Blueprints Program is intended for organizations early in the development process and interested in learning and gaining knowledge of development activities. Participants in Blueprints gain an introductory knowledge of Affordable Housing Development and create a feasibility study for a potential or real project. Participants are encouraged to pick a project before the first week so that they can work on it as they move through the program.

What is the Foundations Program?

The Foundations Program is for organizations that have experience with development and are interested in building upon these skills to increase their in-house capacity and sell development services to othersParticipants in Foundations will work on a development strategy for their organization which will help them grow their organizational capacity.

Benefits of Toolbox+ Participation

Some of the impacts of participating in the Toolbox+ include:

  • Acquiring skills and knowledge which can be applied to ongoing and future projects;
  • Receiving access to tools and templates to help you through the steps of your project;
  • A mentor who will be able to guide you as you work through the content of the program and apply the teachings to your specific project/organization;
  • A network of peers that spans across Canada with knowledge and experience that compliments your own;
  • And access to Mighty Networks, which is a platform for current and past Toolbox+ participants to interact and provide support and share knowledge amongst peers.

Who is eligible for these programs?

Toolbox+ is looking for participants from all across Canada as our goal is to increase the affordable housing development capacity nationally.

We are looking for participants from any type of organization working in affordable housing development. This includes but is not limited to faith organizations, transitional housing organizations, housing cooperatives, and organizations focusing on specific equity-deserving groups.

What is the commitment?

Participation in Toolbox+ requires a commitment from participants to attend ten (10) weekly sessions, beginning in September 2023. In addition, an in-person session will be held in mid-October, in Ottawa for two (2) days. Attendance and participation at all sessions is expected in order to provide the maximum learning experience for themselves and their peers.

How to Register for Toolbox+?

Toolbox+ is aiming to enroll twenty (20) participant organizations for Blueprints and Foundations respectively for a total of forty (40) Toolbox+ participant organizations for Cohort two (2). Space is limited.

Registration for Blueprints and Foundations will open June 16, 2023. A link will be shared on Cahdco’s blog to the registration portal.

How to attend the info session?

In order to attend the Toolbox+ info session you must fill out the registration survey, it can be found here.

We are hiring volunteer board members!

Are you passionate about the City of Ottawa and affordable housing? Do you want to make a real impact in your community? Do you want to grow your professional development skills alongside a thoughtful group of volunteers? If this sounds like you, you should consider running for Cahdco’s Board of Directors!