The Cahdco website received its last update almost 10 years ago and in keeping with our success and growth we engaged with Spruce Creative to plan, develop and design a new website that reflects our current vision, mission and values. 

Starting as the Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC) development department to becoming a leader in affordable housing we found that we wanted our website to encapsulate and emphasize our growing capacity and services. With the launch of Toolbox+ by Cahdco especially, whose branding was also created by Spruce, the website needed to reflect this growth even more. 


The website highlights this by placing our services into three categories: Build, Advise and Teach. 





Cahdco can help create the project concept, test its feasibility and lead the project to completion, acting as the owner’s representative.

Cahdco provides real estate advice & capacity for government’s, non-profit organizations and faith groups seeking to create affordable housing.

The Toolbox+ by Cahdco is our coaching program that aims to connect organizations with knowledge to develop a project or grow their capacity.


Spruce Creative is a certified Canadian Aboriginal Business with a diverse team that focuses on building brands and campaigns that help organizations tell their stories and create lasting impact in their community. We would like to thank Spruce for their work and continued partnership with Cahdco.


Panel Discussion: Federal Budget 2024 & Affordable Housing

Join  us at our latest panel discussion on the federal budget and what it means for affordable housing!