Rapid population growth and immigration are some of the key elements for a good economic development of a country. What many people might not consider is that countries must prepare themselves in many aspects; and one of the most important is to provide them with the right to housing.

In Canada, the housing crisis is escalating dramatically. Several social groups struggle to afford the housing costs, particularly those with low income.  This has the result of increasing homelessness and affecting workers mentally and psychologically, as they must use a large percentage of their wages to cover the cost of rent.

Over the years, Cahdco has played a key role in creating affordable housing projects in Ottawa. Our organization has helped create various types of affordable housing, including women’s shelters, mixed-income affordable rental housing, transitional housing, supportive housing, and affordable home ownership. Currently, we continue to provide real estate advice and capacity for governments, non-profit organizations, and faith groups seeking to create affordable housing.


To support others to improve the pre-development process in their projects, Cahdco also created the Toolbox+. This program coaches and mentors housing organizations about business and capacity planning, internal finance, project risk assessment land acquisition, funding, financing, and more. Toolbox+ is our way of sharing our knowledge and expertise through a series of learning, coaching, and mentorship modules with groups across the country. If your organization wants to be a part of our next Cohort, please register here to receive more details.

Recently, The National Housing Accord, a Multi-Sector Approach to Ending Canada’s Rental Housing Crisis was published. A plan to build over 2 million units of purpose-built rental housing, including over 655,000 near-market and deeply affordable rental housing units by 2023. This Accord is a call to the government to rethink the housing policy, to address the housing crisis, and restore rental housing affordability.

The report also presents 10 recommendations for the 2023 Fall Economic Statement and Budget 2024. They recognize that in order to achieve the objectives, all key stakeholders must work together and the government must take the lead. Cahdco and many organizations endorse this policy to restore affordability to Canada’s rental housing market. To read more about this report please click here.

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