Toolbox+ by Cahdco is a national community of practice to increase the amount of affordable housing development corporations across Canada and their capacity to create affordable housing. Toolbox+ provides learning and networking opportunities that increase affordable housing knowledge and organizational capacity. The Toolbox+ will teach participating housing organizations about business and capacity planning, internal finance, project risk assessment, land acquisition, funding and financing, and more.

Toolbox+ consists of two programs that will administer different types of learning opportunities depending on the needs of the participant organization: The Blueprints Program and The Foundations Program.

Cahdco will be hosting an information session in preparation for our second Toolbox+ cohort in the Fall of 2023. If you would like to Join us register here.


The Blueprints program will supply tools for organizations still in the early development stage interested in learning about critical development activities. The program aims to provide what you would need to know to get your affordable housing project created. From introducing core knowledge on different types of affordable housing to creating a feasibility study, participants will graduate with the essential base they would need to carry out their own project. Blueprints participants will be paired with a mentor who will coach and guide you through out the program.

The Foundations Program is for organizations who have past development experience looking to scale up their in-house capacity. Foundations participants will be paired with a mentor that will coach and guide you through out the program. The key component of the program would be for organizations to create a development strategy that will enable them to grow their organizational capacity.

Blueprints & Foundations Programs offer:


  • Weekly live virtual learning sessions and modules;
  • Access to knowledge experts in the industry;
  • Access to a mentor matched with your organizations needs;
  • Exclusive Toolbox+ participant in-person learning session and events;
  • Access to project tools and resources to support your own affordable housing project;
  • Access to the Toolbox+ Mighty Networks, our knowledge sharing platform;
  • A copy of GoNoGo, the affordable housing feasibility role playing game created by Cahdco;

Your Commitment:

  • There is no cost to participants, but they must commit to attending the 10 weekly live virtual learning sessions, including the in-person session.



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