Toolbox by Cahdco featured in Plan Canada’s Housing Affordability and Choices

Written by Stephanie Cantlay

March 27, 2023


Development Intern Stephanie Cantlay and Cahdco President Graeme Hussey contributed to the Spring issue of Plan Canada published by the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP). The articles in this issue address the theme of ‘Housing Affordability and Choices that are Key to Quality of Life’. Housing was listed as a renewed commitment in CIP’s 5-year Strategic Plan (2022 – 2027). Housing affordability and accessibility is complex and as such the articles touch on a diverse range of perspectives.

We are pleased to be included and provide conversations within the planning profession on how non-profits can play a strategic role in housing affordability solutions. There is no silver bullet to address the housing crisis, but we believe Toolbox by Cahdco is a unique initiative to increase development capacity in the sector. Learn more about Toolbox here.


Plan Canada Magazine Vol.69 NO.1

Stephanie Cantlay

Development Intern

March 27, 2023