There are countless tools for real estate developers seeking faster and more efficient workflows. In the context of affordable housing, project feasibility can be particularly complicated and time consuming – an area ripe for technological innovation. This blog will focus on three such tools. 


Map Your Property is an all-in-one platform that aggregates data into one GIS platform. It provides crucial information on zoning, external developments, and other key features. The mass of information is updated monthly, with a number of key data points bring specifically relevant to the affordable housing development sector. Municipality owned land, public transit stations, and transit lines can also all be observed.



MapYourProperty Pro – Parcel Information


Credits: MapYourPropery


The second platform, Giraffe, is a 3D GIS system that allows for collaborative and highly customizable building massing. The relational platform design allows for building features like GFA, unit mix, and so much more to be calculated dynamically in real time. Custom geometries, designs, and building facades can all be added for easy visual mock-ups. Overall, the tool makes feasibility studies more efficient and visually demonstrable to key stakeholder.