This month, Cahdco’s Toolbox+ team hosted our In-person Session on April 29-30. The session took place at Beaver Barracks, located at 464 Metcalfe Street in Ottawa, which is a 250+ unit affordable housing development completed by CCOC and Cahdco in 2012. The In-person Session was held for Cohort 3 and 4 participants of our Blueprints program, and we had ~40 participants in attendance from various housing organizations across Canada

Group photo captured at the Beaver Barracks venue. Credits: Cahdco


On the morning of the first day, participants engaged in icebreaker activities and structured networking. Participants arrived in Ottawa with various levels of familiarity with housing development, and explored some key sector terminology and definitions in small groups. These groups also competed to build the tallest structure with materials available to them.



Participants also played Gonogo, Cahdco’s affordable housing development game, where they developed individual project concepts with guided site cards, and then formed teams to take on different roles and create financially viable projects.

Participants working during the first phase of Gonogo. Credits: Cahdco

Over the two days, participants had a guided site tour of new OCH properties, which are currently under construction, and also a site tour of the Beaver Barracks property, where participants had the opportunity to view the green roof, learn about the geothermal system, and visit a few of the vacant apartments.

Big thank-you to the OCH team and CCOC/Cahdco staff for putting these site tours together!

Guided site tour at OCH. Credits: Cahdco

Presentations during the second day covered funding information CMHC, FCM and CHTC, and a discussion on partnerships with Windmill Development. Participants had the chance to ask questions to our presenters and learn more about what resources and partnerships are available to support affordable housing in Canada.

The participants from both Toolbox+ cohorts had various opportunities throughout this In-person Session to network with individuals from other organisations, as well as discuss their current and ongoing projects.

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