CMHC Housing Supply Challenge

Written by David Mejia Monico

June 8, 2021


The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is hosting the second round of the Housing Supply Challenge as part of the Federal Government’s National Housing Strategy (NHS). The Housing Supply Challenge program entails six rounds and will provide up to $300M of total funding over the next five years for all successful projects.  

The four key objectives of the Housing Supply Challenge are to:  

  1. Address housing supply and affordability barriers 
  2. Enhance community engagement
  3. Foster a demonstration effect, replication, and/or scaling
  4. Cultivate partnerships and collaboration

The aim of the second round of the program, Getting Started: Pre-development Processes, is to address existing barriers in the pre-development phase of housing that is affordable. Existing barriers are defined by the project team for their chosen geographic area and population and are to be addressed by creating implementable and local solutions. Successful projects will improve the pre-development process by increasing equity and accelerating, streamlining and reducing costs for housing that is affordable. In this round, up to $40M will be available and allocated to the selected projects to implement their proposed solutions.  

Round Two – Timeline and Funding

Stage 1  Stage 2 
– Applications open: June 9, 2021  – Applications open: (TBC) 
– Applicants develop initial submissions  – Shortlisted applicants develop final submissions 
– Prototype Submission Deadline: August 25, 2021  – Project Submission Deadline: April 2022 (Date TBC) 
– Up to $75K in incubation funding for shortlisted applicants  – Up to $6.5M in implementation funding for selected applicants 
  Implementation funding available between: July 2022 – March 2024 

Implementation Funding Categories (based on scale, complexity and cost) 

  • Small Projects: Up to $550K  
  • Medium Projects: Up to $2.5M  
  • Large Projects: Up to $6.5M 

Who can apply?

Anyone except an individual, such as:  

Associations, Indigenous Organization, For-Profit or Not-For-Profit Organizations, Companies, Government (provincial/municipal/territorial/local/regional), Universities/Colleges, Research Centres, International Partners (as part of a team) are all welcome to apply.

Application Requirements

Five Sections of the Application: 

  1. Application Information
  2. Barrier(s) & the Geographic Area
  3. The Solution & Its impact On Housing That Is Affordable
  4. Applicant, Roles, Capacity, Feasibility & Engagement
  5. Administrative Info, Diversity & Inclusion Self-Declaration

-Anticipated length of application: seven pages  

-If a question doesn’t apply, explain why it does not apply. 

-Refer to applicant guide that will be posted online. 

How to apply:

Apply on Impact Canada on launch day: 

Consider using Evergreen’s Applicant Support Program for resources such as guidance, mentorship, webinars, skills-development, networking, assistance, event and one-on-one support for applicants: 

David Mejia Monico

Student Intern

June 8, 2021