Canadian Network of Community Land Trusts: Affordable Housing 101 Workshop

Written by Taarshi Raghaven

April 25, 2023

The Cahdco team had the opportunity to present our Affordable Housing 101 workshop with the Canadian Network of Community Land Trusts on March 22nd 2023 for their CLT Technical Assistance Program.

The Canadian Network of Community Land Trust’s Technical Assistance Program demonstration will support the healthy growth of Canada’s land trust sector. It will document and share community land trust best practices and it will provide assistance to support developing trusts. Its overall goal is to grow, amplify and consolidate the collaboration of community land trusts on a national scale.

The Cahdco Affordable Housing 101 covers the basic information a non-profit need to know to create affordable housing in Canada. The presentation identifies the different types of affordable housing (mixed, supportive, etc.), types of development (new construction, acquisition, redevelopment), 3 core elements (land, capital & capacity) to a project, the project team, development stages and the financial basics to make your project viable. Throughout the presentation Cahdco demonstrates the content with case study examples of recently completed affordable housing projects. Watch the presentation here.

The workshop also offers a window into the Toolbox+ program by Cahdco. Find out more about the program here.

Taarshi Raghaven

Development Assisstant

April 25, 2023