Cahdco’s Toolbox: A Final Funding Recipient for Round 2 of the Housing Supply Challenge

Written by Taarshi Raghaven

October 21, 2022

After being shortlisted this past year, it was announced in October 2022 that Cahdco is a final funding recipient of Round 2: Getting Started of the Housing Supply Challenge (HSC). The HSC is a program hosted by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and funded by the Federal Governments National Housing Strategy. HSC offers citizens, experts and other stakeholders the opportunity to propose solutions to the barriers Canada is facing in supplying new housing. The challenge hopes to distribute $300 million in funding over the next five years through 6 rounds that address different aspects of the housing supply barrier.

Cahdco’s Affordable Housing Development Toolbox was 1 of 14 recipients of Round 2: Getting Started. Toolbox will share a pool of up to $38 million in to start implementing the program. This round focused on presenting locally relevant solutions that improve the pre-development process for affordable housing. Toolbox hopes to resolve this question by providing a two-tiered training and mentorship program to housing organization who are interested in increasing their development capacity.

Topics that will be covered by Toolbox.

In doing so Toolbox hopes to advocate for affordable housing and encourage organizations to create their own development corporation. Toolbox will officially launch in January 2023.

Toolbox timeline from the first submission in August 2021 to the launch in January 2023.

To learn more about the Toolbox and Cahdco’s journey in creating this program please read our blog post here.

Taarshi Raghaven

Development Assisstant

October 21, 2022