Cahdco provides real estate development consulting to non-profit organizations in the Ottawa area. Cahdco specializes in affordable housing development.

Social Purpose Real Estate

Social purpose real estate includes properties and facilities owned and operated by mission-driven organizations, such as non-profit’s and social enterprises, that prioritize community benefit over financial profit. Examples of social purpose real estate include affordable housing, but also community health centres, community hubs, daycares, foodbanks, shared spaces and many more. Cahdco has participated in the development of social purpose real estate by creating and overseeing projects that have a demonstrated positive impact of the residents of Ottawa. Cahdco’s clients have reclaimed brownfield sites, managed the development of an affordable project for adults living with mental illness and helped make affordable spaces for youth a reality.

Affordable Home Ownership

Cahdco strives to create and collaborate on affordable homeownership projects such as our Clarence Gate project. Through innovative financing structures and tools, we provide opportunities for individuals of low to moderate income to enter the homeownership market and begin to accrue equity.

Rental Housing Development

As a consultant and developer, Cahdco is an authority in the creation of affordable rental housing. Through the implementation of innovative financial tools and elegant design Cahdco is well equipped to help other non-profits exceed their affordable rental goals. Since its inception in 1996, Cahdco has overseen the creation of numerous affordable housing projects and continues to push the sector by developing cutting edge solutions to housing insecurity.