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Cahdco is a non-profit real estate development corporation and sister to Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC). Cahdco develops affordable housing and social purpose real estate and provides consulting in the Ottawa area. Cahdco combines the experience and resources of CCOC with a team of development, construction, and project management experts.


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Municipal Tools to Create Social Assets

Written By Dennis Carr - September 15, 2016

My two previous blogs about municipal tools to create social facilities compared Vancouver’s municipal governance structure to Ottawa’s, reviewed  what social facilities Vancouver has achieved and outlined some of the tools Vancouver uses to achieve these facilities. So what does this mean for Ottawa? Municipalities in Canada only have a limited set of powers; they […]

I’m Not an Artist, But…

Written By Melissa Estable - July 19, 2016

Let’s start with the premise that we are all creative. Whether you’re an economist, baker or athlete, we all use some creativity in our day to day lives. It actually doesn’t matter if you got a D+ in art class or didn’t make the cut for the high school play. Creativity is a doorway to […]

New Tool for the Toolbox?: Affordable Housing Impact Statements

Written By Abra Adamo - June 29, 2016

In rapidly growing cities, housing markets can intensify affordability issues, particularly for individuals and families living on low incomes. Redevelopment, infill and intensification, particularly in the form of upscale medium and high rise condominiums, can involve the demolition or conversion of existing affordable rental stock and drive up land and property values, placing upward pressure […]

Dan Pallotta

Written By Melissa Estable - May 16, 2016

A Necessary Collective Shift Mid-November of 2015, I attended a talk with Dan Pallotta hosted by Carleton University Students Association and the Student Philanthropy Council. Dan Pallotta’s[1] basic message is that the double standards that exist for the non-profit/charitable sector and for-profit businesses are affecting the abilities of the sector to make the big impact […]

There goes the neighbourhood?

Written By Abra Adamo - April 19, 2016

Community opposition to affordable housing is often organized around a short-list of fears – property values will fall, crime will go up, traffic congestion and noise will worsen and the overall desirability of the neighbourhood will decline. The debate over whether or not new affordable housing impacts property values is not new. Research dates back […]

Defining “Affordability” In Affordable Housing

Written By Gina Grosenick - March 29, 2016

The Context for Affordable Housing We are hearing a lot about affordable housing in the news and on the streets. Communities all over Canada have prioritized the need to address what many are calling a crisis in the lack of affordable housing. In Ottawa, Broadening the Base (BtB) is exploring ways to bring new and […]